Prinny Anderson’s Ties to the Hemings and Jeffersons


My mother’s family goes back to a complicated, multi-branched web of Virginia families that began grabbing land and then people when Jamestown was founded. I knew even as a small child that my ancestors owned people, and I imagined that I was related to some of those people. I also knew it wasn’t a topic to talk about with the grown ups. Much later, when the controversy within the Jefferson-Randolph-Eppes families got hot and nasty, in 1999/2000/2001, I was moved to take action. I built relationships with people descended from Elizabeth Hemings, Sally Hemings’ mother, and have been active in family reunions, Monticello events, and Coming to the Table ever since.  I’m delighted to be connected with this group, initially to be assembling this blog, which I couldn’t have done by myself, for sure, and to develop other resources and activities.
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