BitterSweet: Linked Through Slavery is a working group of writers who are members of the non-profit group Coming to the Table (CTTT). We call ourselves “linked descendants”, those who have a joint history in the institution of slavery – a pairing of a descendant of an enslaved person with a descendant of their enslaver. Some linked descendants have found each other and are in communication, while others are still searching.

We bring a passionate commitment to looking deeply at the truth of the history of enslavement at the heart of the founding of the United States, facing the pains and schisms embedded in that history and its present day legacy, seeking reconciliation, if possible, and supporting action to open eyes and hearts, and to dismantle institutionalized racism,

While the BitterSweet group consists of people who know about their personal and family historical connections to enslavement, as descendants of enslaved people or enslavers, we welcome those who are in the process of looking for their connection to slavery.

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